Mittwoch, April 12, 2006

Berlusconi bye bye...

Just to remember: some quotations.
And don't forget this.

Edit: It looks, as if Berlusconi really looses the election. Finally.

Edit 2: In the evening, Italian election institutes say, that Berlusconi could win with 49.9 to 49.6 percent. I hope, that's not the end of the end.

Edit 3: In the morning of April 11th, it's still not clear, who won. Prodi has a little majority, but Berlusconi wants to count again - I expected that. He just can't loose, and maybe we will see a "sudden majority" for him. Well, he has so much power, it should be no problem to fake some votes.

Edit 4: Italians ministry of the interior sais, that Prodi won in both chambers. Berlusconi won't accept that and wants to count the votes again. I'm sure, he tries to find some votes - maybe he should ask a certain person in a very large country who did that too. I'm sure this person (whom I will not name) will tell Berlusconi how to get some additional votes.



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