Montag, Oktober 24, 2005

Adriano Celentano makes Berlusconi angry - he's talking about press freedom and the Italians like it!

Italian's not-so-young musician Adriano Celentano started his new TV-Show "RockPolitik" where he was granted total autonomy. Even the boss of the TV-station RAI 1, Fabrizio del Noce, didn't know whom Adriano invented. When he heard, that it was about freedom of opinion, he said, he would blank the logo of the station, because he couldn't stop the show. Did I mention that he was in parliament for Berlusconi's party "Forza Italia"?
And del Noce was right fearing Celentano. The singer cited the US-organization "Freedom House", ranking Italy as 77th near Mongolia and Bolivia concerning press freedom - only "partly free". The show had a quota of 50%.
Former satirical shows (that criticized the Italian government or Berlusconi himself) were often stopped after the first show although they had good quotas.
By the way, Berlusconi himself didn't have the time to react very detailed to this show. He was actually planning to change laws concerning election promotion, because he fears to loose the next election. Well, he's used to change laws...



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