Montag, Oktober 24, 2005

UNESCO stops "Cultural Invasion" of the US

Well, you know, I'm not a friend of Mr. Bush and his politics. But I do like a lot of things coming from America. There actually is a lot of good music (well, not the mainstream stuff which is ridiculous as in most other countries) and a lot of good films. I sometimes eat at McDonald's or Burger King (which I'm not proud of, but not because it's American, but because it's unhealthy).
The UNESCO now approved the "Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions".
This gives the signing nations the right to take steps to protect their own culture. My comments:

  1. As shown in France, nations had that right before.
  2. I hope, this convention will never ever lead to any quotas in Germany - I am a free citizen, and I want to decide (by television or radio ratings), what to hear and what to watch.
  3. Only minorities (like the Sorben in Germany) should be protected by such laws.
Do you agree?



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