Mittwoch, April 19, 2006

Michelle Malkin & the far right

When Michelle Malking posted the telephone numbers of some students protesting against recruiting actions, those students got some mails you can learn something from about the minds of the right:
You intolerant left wing socialist fucking cock-suckers. We're coming
to get you and when we do we'll hurt you..REAL BAD!
Yeah, so intolerant, the left, we have to kill them for not being as tolerant as we are. We don't tolerate no intolerance!
You will pay for your seditious activities. It is only a matter of
time...We are retired military snipers & we are watching you...
Oh, retired military snipers. Says something about the US Army? Hope not. It would mean, that they were a bunch of murderers. I really hope not. a fine young American very, very soon puts his shiny gun barrel
up to your left temple and pulls the trigger. Now THAT will make
America a much, much better place to live for the rest of us, you
utterly disgusting piece of shit...
Okay. So murder makes the world a better place. Is that democracy the GOP way? Sounds more like some terrorist stuff.

Michelle is making me sick. She knew, what posting the phone numbers meant, and refused to take them back. So, if one of the students really is murdered by one of the extremists from the right wing, she has a certain guilt. I won't forget that.

Thanks to Orcinus for the article.



Anonymous themole said...

Regarding how this all started, Michelle Malkin went to a cached page, took a screenshot, and posted the image on her site because didn't like the politics of the people. It's not her place to justify the disclosing of this information because she deemed that they were terrorizing people. That's an issue for the Santa Cruz police department to deal with, not your own brand of vigilante justice.

As for her own personal details - Malkin included that on her own e-mail list and that's how it went public. She launched her personal information about herself BY herself.

And the anti-racist One People's Project website promptly released her new details.

Someone took it a step further and used and yahoo maps to do a Graphic.

Payback's a bitch eh' Malkin?

Her refusal to remove these kids contact information was not from conviction, but from revenue. Every journalist in the world knows that contact information on a press release is for journalists to call for more information or interviews, not to be published (or even pointed out) in the publication itself. If she were any kind of ethical person she would have pulled the information when asked.
If she were something resembling a human being with "feelings", she would not have republished the information once the students themselves removed it. Michelle is a vicious, vindictive, venomous egoist with no discernible ethics nor even a shred of human decency. If she wants to be The Minority Woman Who Believes Minorities and Women Suck, that's her right. But she should at least have the integrity to acknowledge that she has done wrong and to stop compounding the wrong. And she should not give us that disingenuous crap about how she doesn't condone death threats and nobody should misuse her posting and reposting of personal information.

4/20/2006 08:06:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. Robyn said...

there's some sort of weird, inbred cult of "rightwingers" out there - not educated conservatives but semi-retarded rednecks, who just jump on whatever bandwagon they can reach. they scare me and I'm glad I live in california, far far away from them.

4/28/2006 07:32:00 AM  

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