Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2005

Ratte überlistet Wissenschaftler - Rat outsmarts Scientists

A rat released on a deserted island off New Zealand outsmarted scientists and evaded traps, baits and sniffer dogs before being captured four months later on a neighboring island, researchers have said.

Scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand released the Norway rat on the 23.5-acre island of Motuhoropapa to find out why rats are so difficult to eradicate.
Well, Douglas Adams knew it before. Rats and mice are the most intelligent race on earth, humans are only third (after dolphins). So hopefully nobody will know the ultimate question for "Life, the Universe and Everything" for the next, say, ten thousand years... Everybody who read the "Hitchhiker"-Books from Adams knows, what I mean...
Picture taken from Wikipedia.



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