Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005

Prepare to be Remote-Controlled!

Der Artikel beschreibt die Erfahrungen von Yuri Kageyama über eine Möglichkeit, durch Kopfhörer einen Menschen fernzusteuern - sie hat es an sich selbst erlebt.
In an Associated Press article, Yuri Kageyama tells us about her experience with a special headset that can control human motions by sending electromagnetic pulses to the ears and thereby to the nerves, that control your sense for balance.
I didn't know, we were so far by now - a remote control for humans...
As with every invention, there are some pro's & contra's:

  • you can help people, who can't control their balance
  • you can direct fireworkers etc. through dark, smoked tunnels
  • the gaming industry is already thinking of a lot of interesting applications
  • abuse is possible and will happen
  • maybe there are healthy risks, I mean, hey: they send electromagnetic signals to your brain...
Do you have anything to say about that?
Oh, and for all you guys - it's not that thing:



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