Mittwoch, November 09, 2005

Students and Holidays

What I really hate is when people try to tell me, how lucky students must be to have a lot of holidays.
It's like "Oh, and they don't have courses from July till September, and that's just the summer holidays".
I tell you, how my holidays have been when I was a student.
It was about ten weeks without courses.
At least four weeks were needed for the preparation of exams.
Between four and six weeks I used to do internships or work on essays and papers.
If I had any time left, I used to work for making some money, because subsidies for students are not that high.
Okay, sometimes I had some time to spend a week (or maybe two, if i was lucky) at my parents. But that was usually learning time, too.
In those years, I have been on holiday about two times: a 4-day-trip to the Baltic Sea, and a 6-day-trip to London.
Most of my fellow students had the same experience. And usually, they were told to be lazy by some people...



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