Montag, Oktober 31, 2005

Germany's Pricacy Organisations are concerned of Biometric Passes

Sometimes it sounds like George Orwell's "1984": your country knows who you are, what you're doing, what you buy and everything else.
Of course, it's for your own protection. Sure. Biometric data on RFID-chips makes your passport unforgeable (which is not for sure, if you ask me). Did you know, 9/11-terrorists had their own passports with them? Any idea how biometric data would have prevented the attacks?
The funny thing is: if you show your passport, you agree, that your data is used. Well, so I guess, I would have to stay in Europe forever, if I would not agree, since you have to show your passport when leaving...
I am concerned too. What if some intelligence (from a country or anything else) gets my data? What if they get to know too much about me? These passports and the automatic identification technology (e.g. by observation cameras) will make every regime and every dictator happy - imagine a Gestapo or Stasi with such power...
Together with the information collected by enterprises using RFID in their products, this means a lot of fun...
English Wikipedia on RFID
Deutsches Wikipedia zu RFID
Edit: from today (Nov 1st, 2005) you will get only passports with biometric data in Germany.



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